Prayer Requests


Fran Routt: Cousins husband Joe heart issues; son Brian sick - possibly bronchitis

Richard and Tammy Parker: Kervens the young man they sponsor in Haiti. Due to Covid they cannot send mail and  his schools and support centers are closed so they cannot reach him to send support and encouragement. Also all in that area during this trying time.
Pray for America and those suffering with Covid, those isolated at home, those working the front lines and behind the scenes,
Pray for our leaders to put politics aside and do what is best for the people and not play partisanship or blame game
Pray that people will remain calm and remember that God is in control and will see us through.
Remember to check on those who may need assistance during this time. If you are going out maybe the older person next door needs something picked up but is more at risk going to the store than you are.
If you need something make sure you reach out to the church so we can try to help you out.