Because Legacy has such a "family feel" to it, I've been able to form solid, Godly relationships that have only helped build my relationship with Christ.  Legacy Church IS my family.

  • Lindsey



Legacy Church is not just a church, it's our home. Our lives were just OK before we came to Legacy. Now that we have our closer relationship with God through Legacy Church we live incredible lives and look forward to church every weekend.  My oldest daughter who is 12 years old absolutely loves Legacy's youth group on Friday nights. As a parent  it makes me feel great knowing that she looks forward to going somewhere to learn more about God with people her age. It's a safe, fun learning environment.  My youngest daughter who is 8 loves Kid Konnect learning time during the sermon. It gives us parents time to focus on God's words while the kids are next door learning and doing crafts with bible verses.

  • Clay



It’s a wonderful thing to feel loved and my church loves me!

  • Mary Jane


We have only been a part of Legacy Church for a short while.  As someone who grew up in Church and actually attended a Christian College in Atlanta for a while, God has always been a wondrous presence in my life.  Since moving to the beach 13 years ago, I have visited quite a few churches over time and just never felt like I was at the right place....UNTIL my family began attending Legacy Church recently.  I love the atmosphere, I love the feeling of love and acceptance for all, and the downhome family feel that comes with our church community!  I am so glad that we have found somewhere where we feel so comfortable and where we can really keep our lives in FOCUS and place GOD first in lives again where he should be.

Being able to feel at home while praising our Lord is so emotional and special to me.  You see, God has never failed me, even when I have failed him.  My 8-yr old Dane is a terminal cancer survivor who spent almost a year of his life fighting at Duke for survival when he was just a baby!  In fact, I was told if I wanted to take him home and enjoy the days I had left.....the doctors would never think I was a bad mother as the chances of complications of chemotherapy could actually take him sooner!  Well, that was never an option for me to take my baby home to die.....I was going to fight with everything I had and believe and have faith that no matter what God would carry me through this journey!  And my friends, he did!  My miracle is now 6 years cancer-free, the only child at Duke to ever survive this type of cancer, and my constant reminder that Miracles do indeed still happen and that God answers prayers!  The doctors have told me on numerous occasions that there is no medical reason why Dane is alive and I am soooo okay with that.  I know who saved him!

Thank you Legacy Church for allowing me to be able to share with my family the one thing in life that will always be there for them, no matter what life throws at them.  Having a church where my children can grow-up and learn about the things that are most important and where blessings truly come from, is so comforting!  Thank you Legacy Church for what you have given us and what you are allowing me to share with the rest of my family.  This church means more to me than you will ever know.

  • Dana


I like Legacy Church because it feels like home to me.  I am recently engaged to a wonderful man and we have been attending.  He is excited about Legacy too!!! We are excited about embarking on this new adventure together with a church where you feel love, grace and Jesus in this place : )  

I have known Lisa and John Rea for over 12 years and was so excited to hear about their venture in starting Legacy Church.  Lisa and John are the key factors of us coming to Legacy.  If you want to hear the Word of God and see God shine through a couple just look at Lisa and John.  I love them both dearly and feel blessed to have found where they are serving our AWESOME GOD:)!!!!!

  • Deb

Why I love Legacy Church...........Legacy is very welcoming and really makes you feel like family.  It's the first church I feel 100 % comfortable attending.  Legacy Church is great!

  • Jenny

I LOVE Legacy Church. Not because my son is the pastor, but because of the people who attend the church. We are truly a FAMILY. If one hurts, we ALL hurt.  If you are in need of help, all you have to do is ask. Someone will be there, with a smiling face, to help you out.

  • Jeanne

What more could you ask for from a church?  A wonderful message, warm and loving people and a church that feels like home.  Legacy is a caring family that's always there for you in good times and bad.
- Tom and Guynn


If you like a church where you are not noticed....this won't be the church for you!


In the past 3 months my husband & I have been counseled, baptized, married & became a member of Legacy Church Family. When Legacy Church says they are a church family....they truly mean it! Our friendship with Pastor John & his wife Lisa has made our journey a lot clearer! As a Christian we ALL fall short but to have a church who is there to love & encourage you makes our walk much easier!

  • Brandie